Click on the link that best describes your status to get started. Once you pass your first section exam, you have 30 months to pass the other three sections. It’s difficult to answer this question because each accountant has different skill sets. And the job market and demand for accountants vary between regions.

I would just kind of I was trying to follow the what I call now the normal way of studying. So I sit down, you know, at the beginning of a study day, I start by watching the video lecture the first few times through. You know, I get five or 10 minutes and then realize that I’m completely zoned out, I have no idea what the professor just covered. Depending on your personal learning style, Wiley offers different types of lessons and practice  exercises to prepare you for a career in public accounting.

Study tips

Eating fast food, skipping exercise, ignoring your friends and family are not the keys to success. You might spend so much time doing damage control later that you start questioning your path. The mental fitness required to take a high-stakes exam is often accompanied by physical fitness.

pass cpa exam in 3 months

When developing a study plan that is right for you, you might want to consider the use of CPA study guides and commercial review courses. Be sure to check out our Best CPA Review Courses, researched and compiled by our team of experts. If you are planning pass cpa exam in 3 months on taking the CPA exam, you’re probably wondering how many hours you’ll need to study before taking the test. There are a few things that factor into the preparation timeframe, such as prior knowledge, your test taking skills, and work experience.

Gleim CPA Review

Knowing how to study for the CPA exam is a lot like trying to lose weight, in that you need to know whether or not you are making daily progress. To successfully lose weight, many folks track their progress by stepping on a scale, counting calories, counting steps, and setting a schedule for daily exercise activities. By tracking your progress and identifying what is working and what is not, you can make adjustments to your plan and increase your chances for success. A person who passes all Exam sections within the 18-month period is a successful Exam candidate and may apply for licensure as a North Carolina CPA if they meet the requirements. A successful North Carolina Exam candidate’s scores do not expire.

pass cpa exam in 3 months

However, you could also utilize a CPA course like Surgent CPA, which allows studiers to significantly cut back the number of study hours required. This is an excellent option, especially if you don’t need the concepts taught to you again. Well, registering will force you to pick an exam date if you didn’t take my advice from step #1. And once you have that date, you can calculate how many weeks you have to study and how much ground you’ll need to cover each week. Whether you use a physical or digital calendar, an app, or a feature of your Review Course, look at the next couple of months and plan your studies. Use this calendar to track your progress and help you decide if you need to adjust your study plan.

Semester Based Courses

This is beneficial when used in conjunction with their extensive study materials since it offers informed recommendations for each step of your CPA study schedule. Gleim includes a huge bank of MCQ tests, Final Exam Reviews, and Task-Based Simulations to give you lots of practice for the real exam. In total, the full Gleim review course includes over 13,000 multiple-choice questions and 1,300 task-based simulations, which is significantly more than any other CPA review course.

Although some CPA studiers find these very helpful, others have complained about their quality. So, keep that in mind when choosing a CPA review course. Gleim provides you with more than enough information and study material to pass the CPA exam. There is so much information provided here that you won’t lack for it. However, as stated earlier, that information can be to a fault as it can be a bit overwhelming.

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